Monday, July 30, 2012

Some More Smash Pages

It has been a while since I posted hasn't it!! That is not good but this summer has been a very very busy summer. Weddings, parties, bbq's and a whole lot of fun! 

I have been smashing. I have decided that my smash books are going to be my brag books. I do love scrapbooking but it just takes so much time to make a layout because it has to be perfect! I am a busy person and don't really have much time for my hobby. So smashing it is! I find that I use those stickers that are just collecting dust and I also journal a lot more when I smash! 

I smash in front of the tv with my family! That way I am doing my hobby and still spending time with my family! :) You should see my front room! LOL I am trying to convince my husband that I need a desk in there! Wish me luck!

So here is a few pages I have done in the blue book!

This is my princess dog. Roxy, We got her for my husband and well she loves him but she loves me more!! :) She is my shadow! I love her she is so cute!!! She loves to be on my lap wrapped in a blanket! :)

This is a very simple page for a beautiful picture! This is the other princess of the family, Out beautiful daughter. 

This is one of our horses. My husbands initials are "KD" that is how we came up with her name Kaddie! These pictures are too cute not to share! 

Here is a close up of the page..... :)

Here is another beautiful picture of my daughter! I actually had this one done in an 8x10 in black & white. It looks so good in black and white. The next page is about my horse "Nutty" Isn't he handsome!!

I am also in the middle of the black smash book smashing away a trip to mexico with the girls and my best friends wedding!! Will post those when I am done! :) 

Happy Smashing!!!