Thursday, January 20, 2011

Animals in the Scrapbook Room!

Happy Thursday Everyone! SO over at Scrappin 3rdeeschick She wants to see our animals in our scrapbook room!! So here is my darling little helper Junior!! He has figured out that if he sits directly on what ever I am doing he might get attention!! So here he is helping me cut paper with the straight cutter!
I am trying to take the cutter away from him!
Now he has decided to chew on the cutter!
He doesn't want to share with me. I guess he figures it is his now!
So I put him off the table and he decided to play in the garbage!!
Junior is our newest addition the the family. He is such a loving cat!
Thanks for looking!!


Graphicat said...

Awesome!!! I want that cat! LOL

ScrappinRPN said...

I love those pics, what a cool kitty. I LOVE kitties! Awwww, way too cute!

Debra said...

What a gorgeous kitty!! My Kitty Helps me too, I have just accepted the fact that Cat an embellishment :)

Eulanda said...

ha ha ha! he's cute!! My cat has tried to bite my cutter before and get in my garbage can but now he's too friggin big and just knocks it over. LOL!

scrappin_3rdeeschik said...

He is very handsome. I see he like laying where ever he wants too. hehe too Cute :D

gobeagirl said...

Hi there. I think that Junior is FANTASTIC! What a beautiful animal he is. My DD wants to know if he is a Russian Blue. She is almost 13 and has studied up of just about every kind of cat there is. Junior is just wonderful and I so glad to see that he is a helpful crafter to boot. lol...I have so many pictures of our Lucy as she likes to lay on the papers I am using or sleep on my Copics that I have put on my desk so that I can write what I use. I have to admit that I love it. :O) Have a great weekend, and thanks for sharing your Junior. Hugs, Lisa G