Wednesday, September 8, 2010

T-Shirts Made with my Silhouette!

So last week we had a birthday celebration for a friend of mine! He was turning 35! What do you get a guy who is turning 35!! At the age you just go out and buy it yourself!! LOL so I made him a few shirts!!
Hope you like them! I used my silhouette machine to make the letters then ironed them on the shirts!


Eulanda said...

Ah ha ha ha!! Too funny and what a perfect gift for the guy who has everything!

Hill Top Creations said...

What a neat idea.
Take Care

ms.espresso said...

ah... I'm jealous, you got to play with the iron on goodies before me! Looks fab! Oh- and I just noticed your new background and I LOVE IT!

ScrappinRPN said...

Too funny, these are very cute. Looks like the iron ons are pretty fun.........wasn't planning to get any but now I am rethinking that. Thanx for sharing Teila.

ScrappinRPN said...

Opps! Not Teila, Chris.....sorry! Must stop multitasking, lol!