Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wall Skulls! with my Silhouette

So my daughter had left for two weeks and we decided to paint her room and put up some skulls! She wanted her room to be pink with lime green doors! She has a quilt & sheets that are lime green with other colors on it as well so that is where she got the idea from I think!
She has the quilt with her so I couldn't take pictures of her bed made!
I made all the skulls with my silhouette!! I love that machine!!
I hope she loves her room!! :)


Graphicat said...

Oh her room looks awesome!! I love that colour combination!! Sammy will be so happy with it!! Awesome girls room!!

Carley said...

She has FABULOUS taste! My favorite color is Pink and if I could have talked my mom into painting my room pink growing up I would have been so pumped! I love her room and I sure she will too! What a great mom!!!!

crazymomma said...

Great job hun.That's one lucky girl!!

Eulanda said...

Now THOSE are cool!! The room looks awesome!! OH and you changed your! Love it!

ScrappinRPN said...

I love the colour of the room, very nice. The skulls are awesome and look fabulous!