Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday Candle

These are one of my most favorite things to make!! I love these thing just about as much as I love glitter!! :) So my daughter's friend is turning 11. Watch out teenage years are coming!! and my daughter wanted me to make her friend a candle! I took two pictures of this candle so you can see the whole image!
I used my mo manning stamp and my close to my heart stamps for the sayings.
I stamped on tissue paper, then wrapped the candle in wax paper and melted the image on. Decorated with a few brads.


Sarah said...

OMG! that is sooooo cool!! I didn't know you could stamp an image onto a candle like that! What a great idea Chris!! LOVE IT!!

Eulanda said...

I just friggin love these. I'm sure they're easy but they look hard. Maybe leave it that way and I'll stay all impressed. LOL!

crazymomma said...

Sawweeeet!! That's is so frickin' adorable!That image is perfect for that gift.She's gonna love it!!

Graphicat said...

She will love it! this image is so perfect for those 2 girls! So awesome Girl.