Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just a few Lay out!

So last weekend I went to a weekend crop! I had such a great time. Here are a few of the Lay outs that I did this weekend.
This is my favorite Layout!! I love the saying on the side and well this picture so suited this page!! Sammy & her Daddy going up a hill to check out the view!
I glittered up the saying a bit just because I had to!! LOL
This is Sammy of course!! LOL with her new black quad! We had so much fun!!
This is my cat Peaches. He was such a cute baby!! He is no long with us but he was my favorite while he was here!!
This saying I stamped on because it was so Peaches it says "I may be difficult but.... I am cute!" That was Peaches!! He has such a personality!! So that is what I got done at the crop! I had a great time socializing, playing with my toys!! Hope you enjoy! :)


Graphicat said...

so funny cause I JUST asked if you were going to post these and viola! Here they are! They're so great! I think my fav is the Off road one.... but then how can you not love the Mr Peaches one?

Great job and the crop was SO FUN! Must have another one soon!

crazymomma said...

Great Layouts Chris,You sure accomplished alot!!Sounds like you had fun too!
I wish we would crop together but I hear you guys are going to MTView but I 'm doing MarieSharpe..I will be teaching a make & take class too.Oh well can't cover them all!

Eulanda said...

OMG you got a lot done! I love these layouts! The glitter on the top one was a very smart addition and I like the pic of Sammy just mellowing out on her quad. So cool! Nice for you to have done some Peaches layouts too. Peaches would have loved them!!