Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Scrapbook Room & Card Wall

So this is the best room in the house!! I have some wonderful and talented friends and I always love there cards!!! So I wanted to see them all the time! So my daughter put some nails in my wall and we figured out a way to clip up the cards without wrecking the cards!!! So I have taken close up pictures of the card wall!!!
This is my messy room! One day it might get cleaned up!!


Graphicat said...

Messy means you've been having fun!
Looks great...see some familiar ones there. ;o)

Eulanda said...

What a great idea!! I LOVE IT!! Looks like your room is quite big too. Very nice!!

Fat Guy said...

That room is way too messy. Try cleaning it up once in awhile and maybe you would find some stuff you didn't know you had.

crazymomma said...

Wow the Wall of Fame!! I'm jealous!
PS Good luck with that cleaning thing!(mine's worse)lol